One on one Tutoring

Look no further for quality tutoring that's absolutely free!

Our one on one tutoring service is specialized and tailored to your child's needs.

Extracurricular Classes

Our extracurricular classes enrich your child in various subjects for free!

We handpick our tutors to make sure your child has the best learning experience possible.

What is Sailors At Home Learning?


We strive to help children who are struggling to learn topics with distance learning and those who want to explore their interests even more. However, we'll be continuing even after.   

We handpick our tutors through an interview process to ensure that our tutors are the highest quality. 


We offer individualized help for kids aged K - 8 in core subjects such as Math and English and extracurricular group classes in a variety of subjects. We traditionally do our lessons over Google Meets.

Non Profit Status
We are proud to announce that we are a non profit organization. This means that we make no profit out of our donations and we don't charge for any of our services. Now, our tutors are allowed to use this as a way to receive volunteer hours. We thank the parents, students, and tutors helping and supporting through this journey. 
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Helping Students Explore Learning since March of 2020