Extracurricular Classes

We offer various group courses for grades 2-8. Please note that our extracurricular classes cover information typically not covered in school subjects.  Students can join classes at any time other than coding class. Our classes are interactive and fun classes to keep your child engaged!

Math Class 1 - Grades 2-3 - Sunday at 2-3 PM PST

Math Class 2 - Grades 3-4 - Saturday at 5-6 PM PST

Math Class 3 - Grades 4-5 - Sunday 3-4 PM PST

Coding Class - Friday at 2-3 PM PST

(Sign ups closed! -Class restarts on September 11th)

History - Sunday at 5-6 PM PST

Science - Saturday at 2-3 PM PST

Book Club - Ages 8-10 - Saturday at 3-4 PM PST


Book Club - Ages 3-7 - Sunday at 3-4 PM PST

Creative Writing - Grades 3-6 - Tuesday 4:30 - 5:30 PM PST

Coding: Grades 6-8

Our coding class serves as an introduction to Python. This class is a progressive class meaning students will need previous class learning for future classes. That is why only students who attend the first or second class of the 10 weeks will be enrolled. We still encourage you to sign up as we will notify once the next 10 week class starts. We cover various coding topics that can be used for basic coding. Coding is ten weeks long and each class is an hour long. We would like to emphasize that students don't need any coding experience to join our class. All they need is a motivation to learn!

Science: Grades 3-6

We teach science at a single level because our science class is designed in a way that your student doesn't need to have any knowledge beforehand to enjoy our class. Our class includes We cover topics such as ecosystems and biodiversity, black holes, gravity, light/polarization, matter, basic genetics, Darwin's theories and evolution, astrology, fossils, atoms, as well as the dynamics of populations, communities, and habitats. Our tutors explain these topics at a more simple level for your kid to grasp as we understand some of these topics may be complicated. 

History: Grades 3-6

Our history class covers the lives of influential people throughout history. We cover Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King JR, Thomas Edison, Amelia Earheart, Julius Caesar, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, The Wright Brothers, and Leonardo Da Vinci. Our history class is an hour long lesson every week on Google Meets. 

Mathematics: Grades 2-3, 3-4, and 4-5.

We offer 3 math classes at 3 age levels. These math classes teach interesting topics that aren't traditionally covered in class and expand on in-class topics. We traditionally offer these as group classes, but your child has the ability to ask questions and for further explanation at anytime during the lesson. Our teachers are highly qualified and do high level math as well as math competitions. Please Note: Your child can switch classes at any time if you feel that their current class isn't adequate for them. Please email us about this and we will reply as soon as possible.

Book Club: Ages 3-7 and Ages 8-10

Maanya Raghuram is a freshman at Foothill High School who started a virtual book club. This book club will help your child acquire basic skills that include fluency, vocabulary, sentence construction, and learning how to use context clues. Maanya will help students learn how to find books they find interesting and teach them how to pace themselves. The club will be held in sessions according to your child’s age. If you would like private classes to teach your child more in-depth about English, Maanya is available. 


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