Our group lessons take place on Google meets.

For one on one tutoring, you and your child's tutor are free to use any videocall platform that you both agree on. We personally reccomend using google meets.

In order to sign up for individual tutoring, head to our "One on One Tutoring" page. There is a simple two step process to register your child.

In order to sign up for group, extracurricular classes, head to our "Extracurricular Classes" page.

Our individualized tutoring helps your students tackle individual topics, so they can thrive in school one lesson at a time. Tutors will explain topics in depth at the pace of your child.

Our group extracurricular classes help your child explore their interests in various subjects. We make our lessons interesting with a unique blend of interactive learning, google slides, and group games.

How Do Lessons Work?

Signing Up
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