Sanjay Adhikesaven


  • Sanjay has been doing debate since 8th grade and has competed and made it to elimination rounds in many prestigious tournaments. 

  • Treasurer of the Foothill Debate Team

  • Participates in Varsity Debate

  • He has a large amount experience tutoring children in debate.  

  • He is passionate in many STEM activities and loves science and mathematics.  

  • He has been to numerous hackathons and won awards at them.

  • Overall, Sanjay is extremely flexible and can help tutor your student in many subjects

  • Founder and website manager

Abyan Das

  • Abyan has debated since the 7th grade and has done consistently well in tournaments. His public speaking ability and confidence is what sets him apart from many other high schoolers.

  • His many strengths include math and science, but he is flexible to adjust as per your child’s needs.

  • If your child develops an interest in the basic subjects such as elementary school math, then the transition into harder subjects in middle and high school will be significantly easier for your child in the future.

  • He is also passionate about learning and wants to help others experience the same joy that he does.

  • His versatility in speaking languages is one of his key skills. He fluently knows English and Oriya, and he's currently learning Spanish.

  • Founder and lead marketer.

Milan Suresh


  • Milan does debate and has outstanding public speaking ability.

  • In addition, he has prowess in Mathematics, Engineering, and Science. He is currently taking Honors Precalculus, AP Computer Science A, AP World History, as well as AP Biology. 

  • He has coding experience and has made numerous engineering projects with the Arduino microcontroller.

  • He can teach your child in math, coding, and science.

  • Founder and content manager

Monish Muralicharan

  • Monish does debate and has exceptional public speaking ability. His friendliness and compatibility helps students become comfortable in learning with him.

  • His drive to learn more helps students learn quicker and more efficiently. He can teach your child at an appropriate speed.

  • His strengths in school include Conceptual Physics, Math, and Coding, but he dabbles in much more.

  • He is fluent in Tamil and English, and he currently studies Spanish. He is comfortable with the coding language Python. 

  • His three biggest interests are table tennis, clarinet and chess. He succeeds in these activities because of his effort and dedication.

  • Founder and class manager. 

Our Tutors


​Adway Sane

  • Adway has completed certified courses for programming languages such as Python, and Java.

  • Adway has a passion for soccer and chess.

  • His current rating is around 1700 with a 2nd category norm.

  • His current courses include Chemistry Honors, Pre-Calc Honors, and AP Comp Sci. alongside some undetermined courses.

  • He wants to teach kids and educate them in this unprecedented time. He likes to teach therefore tutoring is a good way to use that skill. He understands that kids need people to guide them through these hard times and he knows the importance of tutors as he had them himself as a child. Therefore, he wants to be there for them.

Aarnav Reddy


  • He prefers to teach grades 3, 4, 5, and 7.

  • Aarnav is proactive in his academics and also does Speech and Debate.

  • He has been doing Speech and Debate since the start of 8th grade.

  • His strengths include Biology and History, which he is doing in AP levels next year.

  • He would like to tutor anybody that needs help during these difficult times!

Urja Vaidya

  • She is comfortable with grades K-8.

  • Urja has participated in math contests like MOEMS, MathLeague, AMC, and MathCounts since 4th grade and won awards.

  • She was the school Spelling Bee champion throughout her middle school years and has also represented her school in the Regional Finals.

  • She loves programming - she can code in Python and won the Computer department award in 8th grade.

  • Her interests include reading, playing the piano, and taekwondo.

  • She is bilingual in English and Marathi and currently is learning Spanish.

Abhimanyu Warrier


  • He is comfortable with grades K-8.

  • Abhimanyu is passionate in debate and has exceptional speaking ability along with teaching elimination multiple times.

  • He is very advanced in mathematics and science and is in the science team.

  • He is a proficient engineer and know how to Code in java.

  • He tutors Math at learning center and has a lot of experience working with children and teaching them new skills. - He is currently in AP World History and AP Bio and is very proficient in both subjects.

Pranav Nethi

  • Pranav can teach at Monday Afternoon, Tuesday Evening, Wednesday Afternoon, Thursday Evening, Friday Afternoon, Friday Evening, and Sunday Afternoon.

  • He is comfortable teaching K-8.

  • Pranav has done math up to AP Calculus and has taken every Science course at Foothill besides AP Physics.

Maanya Raghuram


  • Maanya is comfortable with grades K-6.

  • She plays the piano and clarinet and won a state award for piano last year.

  • She's a third-degree black belt who has done MMA for a decade and has won 2 Best Tester awards. 

  • Maanya plays water polo for Foothill High School. 

  • She is a youth ambassador for the African Library Project.

  • Maanya is part of TUPE (tobacco use prevention education at school) and is planning to do DECA sophomore year.

  • She is bilingual and currently learning Spanish.

Tanvi Kapse


  • She is comfortable with grades K-6.

  • She has played competitive tennis for 8 years now.

  • She has been a Girl Scout for 7 years. She learned important lessons on leadership and giving to the community

  • She started doing speech and debate in middle school and is continuing it in high school.

  • She isin the Interact Club (working with others on international service projects) and the TUPE club (Tobacco Use and Prevention Education) at Foothill High School.

  • In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, playing tennis, playing table tennis, playing the piano, and going on jogs

  • Tanvi is also currently doing a marketing, graphic design, and project management internship for a company that launches real-world software applications.

  • She is on the varsity tennis team and ranked as the top player on the team as a freshman

Ally Chiang


  • Ally is comfortable with grades K-5 

  • She's in her sophomore year at Foothill High School 

  • She is passionate about digital art, playing piano, and playing the cello.  

  • She has been learning piano for 7 years

  • Currently Level 9 for MTAC piano CM. She has also been consistently selected to perform at annual MTAC State Convention Recitals.

  • Ally has experience being a TA for a summer Chinese Culture Camp.

  • She has won 3rd and 1st place for the nationals Chinese Idiom Competition (hosted by the National Council of Associations of Chinese Language Schools).

  • She speaks Chinese fluently and is currently learning Spanish.

  • Ally wants to help students effectively learn as well as enjoy the learning process!

Akshat Ubale


  • He is ahead in math by 2 years and science by 1 year so he is experienced at those subjects.

  • He is very well versed in math and that is his strength.  

  • He has been playing the alto saxophone for 4 years.

  • He is hardworking, determined, thoughtful, and friendly. 

  • He wants to become a tutor to give back the skills that he has learned in the past years of his learning. Quote from him "When I learned difficult concepts in math or science I would refer to tutoring, so, I know that there are people out there like me who need tutoring at one point or the other."

  • He has tutoring experience in math as well. 

Naren Velnambi


  • He is comfortable tutoring K-8.

  • Naren Velnambi is currently a high schooler at FHS.

  • He plays for the FHS tennis team and is part of the Speech and Debate club.

  • His strengths include Math and Science, but he has the ability to teach other subjects as well.

  • His skills extend to band where he plays the trumpet.

Arul Dhar

  • He is a high schooler at AHS or American High School. His strengths are in Spanish, Math, and Science.

  • He participated in Science Olympiad in 7th and 8th grade and did very well, getting first in 2 of his events and 6th in his 3rd one.

  • In 8th grade, his team got first place in Regionals and then got 3rd place in States.

  • He learned the RobotC language in his computer science class this year. 

  • He plays soccer competitively and is on the AHS soccer team.

Ashwin Prakash


  • He is comfortable with grades 3-8.

  • Ashwin is involved in both school and his extracurricular activities.

  • Ashwin will also be the secretary of his school's Vex Robotics team.

  • As a student, Ashwin has also done exceptionally well in public speaking competitions, like Model UN and Debate.

  • Above all, Ashwin would love to share his passion for learning with others. He would love to work with others during these difficult times.

Jessup Byun

  • Jessup prefers to tutor grades 6-8.

  • He is currently a freshman at Foothill High School

  • Some of his passions include Rubik's Cubes, Tennis, Gaming, and Chess.

  • He is also the founder of the chess club at Foothill High School and will be the president starting next year.

  • Next year, he is planning on taking Honors Pre-Calculus, Honors Sophomore English, Spanish lll, AP Computer Science, AP World History, and AP Biology

  • Jessup has a flexible schedule and would be a great tutor due to his ability to explain information in a clear and understandable way.

Shreya Pandey


  • She loves playing tennis, ice skating, swimming, biking and playing badminton.

  •  Shreya loves to help people and share my passion of math, science, art, and engineering!

  • She enjoys being a part of Science Olympiad and French Honor Society.

  • She has been doing Engineering classes in school since 8th grade and She is very passionate about it!

  • Shreya is fluent in Hindi and loves learning languages, such as French, which she has been doing since 7th grade.

  • Shreya has been an honor roll student throughout all of her years in school.

Aryan Singh


  •  He Has done Math Olympiad and has experience with higher level questions

  • In fact, he is proficient in all areas of study, most specifically in Math and Science.

  • Aryan is bilingual in English and Hindi and is currently learning Spanish.

  • His passions are Soccer, Math, Reading, and Gaming.

  • Aryan plays soccer competitively and is on his school’s JV team.

  • He knows the coding language Python.

  • Aryan plans on taking English 10 Honors, Chemistry Honors, Accelerated Algebra 2/Precalculus, AP European History, and Spanish 3 in the upcoming year.

Katherine Ye


- She is a rising Sophomore at Foothill High School.
- She has worked with kindergarten and first grade kids at many summer camps.
- She was trained on how how to teach kids 2nd-7th grade through a program that teaches English to indigenous kids in Taiwan.
- At school she takes honors English classes, is one year ahead in math, and gets good grades.
- She will teach kids in a clear, organized, patient, and fun way.

- She enjoys science and has gotten A’s in science middle school through high school.
- She is a year ahead in math and has gotten A’s in math middle school through high school.
- She took honors freshman English last year and got A’s both semesters. She has also gotten A’s in English middle school through high school.
- She has studied Chinese for 10 years and also speaks it at home, so she is fluent in the language.

Michelle Chen


  • Michelle is a rising second-year at the University of California, Berkeley.

  • Since her hometown is in New York, she is much more acquainted with East Coast culture and is still learning and exploring more about different uses of language and lifestyle in varying parts of the country.

  • Michelle has been passionate about studying music as both an academic subject and a favorite pastime for nearly 14 years, but recently she set aside more time for her pursuit in economics, business, and statistics at her university.

  • After finishing up her college applications, Michelle wanted to pick up a volunteering service and spend her spare time outside of her classes tutoring children who find themselves in difficult positions with remote learning.

Ashwin Charles


  • He enjoys playing video games by himself or with friends

  • He teaches at Yapa Kids and Tutor4Talent

  • He loves writing creative writing stories and sharing it

  • He does Python in his free time

  • He likes reading short story mysteries

  • He has taught at Tutor4Talent and he has taught creative writing there for 9 weeks, each class. Around 1 class per week.

The Founders

Karen Wan


  • Karen prefers to teach grades 4-8.

  • She has been playing flute for nearly five years.

  • She is passionate about running and has been doing cross country four years. She was in the varsity team during her freshman year of high school.

  • She enjoys reading and writing and loves talking to people about books and giving them feedback about their writing.

  • She teaches a reading and writing class for incoming middle schoolers and likes spending time teaching kids.

  • Her favorite subjects are English, history, and science.

  • At school, she takes honors and advanced classes.

  • She is excited to assist students and will make sure that they understand anything they are confused about.

Harini Arumugam Gandhimathi


  • She is very passionate about math and this is where her strengths lie.

  • She is qualified to teach these subjects because she is going to 9th grade next year and is going to take Algebra 2 as her math class in school.

  • She has been a Violinist for 4 years. 

  • She is an incoming Freshman at North Creek High School which is located in Washington.

  • Some of her qualities include being open-minded, hardworking and a kind person.

  • She loves kids and is excited to work with them.

  • Plans to pursue in medicine and major in it after high school.

Ryan Arakal


  • Ryan is a dedicated student from American High School in Fremont
    - In 6th grade, he received the Presidents Award for Educational Excellence

  • He aspires to pursue a career related to science (most likely chemistry)

  • In his free time, he likes to learn more about quantum mechanics, organic
    chemistry, and astrology

  • When he is presented with a problem, he won’t give up until it is solved

  • He has had good grades in math and has scored high in AMC math tests.

Ryan Wu


  • Ryan Wu is a rising sophomore at Foothill High School

  • He enjoys playing soccer (10 years), piano (10 years), violin (6 years), and basic model building.

  • Comfortable with K-5

  • Honor Roll student, primarily takes Honors and AP classes (took Honors Geometry, Honors Freshman English, Honors Algebra II, and Honors Global Studies as of freshman year)

  • He has strengths in English, Biology, and Music

  • Ryan plays for Foothill's JV soccer team

  • MTAC CM Level 10 for piano with honors, regularly plays at the MTAC State Conventions

  • Ryan is bilingual in Mandarin Chinese and English and is currently learning Spanish.

Akarsh Sharma


  • He is ahead in math by 2 years and science by 1 year so he has a lot of experience in those subjects

  • He has been playing the drums for 2 year now and the guitar for 3 years

  • He has a lot of grit and is very determined, friendly, and responsible

  • He has been coding for more than 3 years now and knows Python, HTML, and Swift

  • He wants to become a tutor to help people because he knows how difficult things can be at times

  • He has tutoring experience coding and math as well.

  • He has been coding for more than 3 years now and he confidently knows two languages.

  • He has also been playing instruments for quite a few years now and he has also played at many shows.

Jenna Besh


  • Jenna is entering her sophomore year at Foothill High

  • She has 3 years of experience tutoring at various organizations, as well as individually

  • Teaching is a passion of hers

  • She loves working with kids, and gets along with others well.

  • In her free time, she enjoys cheer, theatre, soccer, and dance

  • She has worked at many organizations and done various one on one tutoring. 

  • She wants to become a tutor to help people understand concepts smoother. She understands the struggle for many students when trying to learn new concepts. 

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