We're glad that you have an interest in tutoring children.

There are two opportunities that we provide to tutors.

First, you have the ability to tutor students one on one.

Second, you can teach an extracurricular group class to students passionate in a subject. If you want to teach something that we don't offer, please fill out our tutors form and then email us at [email protected]

We are also able to provide volunteer hours for all the work that you do at Sailors At Home Learning.

Hello Tutors!

Sign Up to Become a Tutor!

 Fill out this quick form, and we'll interview you shortly after. If you do not get an interview request after three days, please contact us at our email, [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get to teach kids?

We'll send an email to you when we have a student available that matches your schedule. The amount of time matching you with a tutor will take varies based on your schedule and how long it takes to find an opportunity that fits your preferences.

What times will I tutor?

We'll give you the student's general info as well as the times that they are available. It's up to you and parent to decide with times work best with each other! If we assign you to a group class, you can simply look on the Extracurricular Classes tab for the time.

How can I contact Sailors Learning?

You can contact us through email at [email protected]

I filled out my description on the tutoring form. Why isn't it on the website?

Hi, we try to update the "Our Tutors" page every three or so days. If it has been more than three days and your image isn't there, contact us through email, and we'll add it.

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